New Phallus Sculpture Appears in Bavarian Mountains

BERLIN (AP) — Just days after a large phallus sculpture mysteriously disappeared from a Bavarian mountainside, a similar wooden carving has appeared in its place, German news agency dpa reported Thursday.

The saga began several years ago, when a almost 7-foot tall sculpture appeared on the 5,702-foot high Gruenten mountain in southern Germany.

A wooden phallus sculpture about 2 meters high stands on the Gruenten mountain, Rettneberg, Germany, on Thursday. (Davor Knappmayer/dpa via AP)

It quickly became a selfie magnet for hikers and even featured on Google Maps, where it was described as a “cultural monument.”

The sculpture toppled over several weeks ago, only to be erected again. Last weekend it vanished entirely, with only a pile of sawdust left behind.

Even as local police probe the disappearance, the tale took a further twist Thursday with the discovery that a new, slightly larger carving of male genitalia had appeared at the site, propped up with wooden beams.

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