New Father Wasn’t|Ready for That

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CN) – A father who watched his wife give birth sued a hospital, claiming he suffered a fractured skull when he passed out as they gave her an epidural, because they didn’t prepare him for it.
     Brandon P. Henderson sued St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City on July 22, in Jackson County Court.
     Henderson claims he “became ill, lost consciousness and slammed his head on the floor and suffered a skull fracture, bleeding on the brain, and as a result needed surgery to evacuate brood from his brain,” after seeing doctors administer the epidural on his wife.
     On Aug. 10, 2012, Henderson says, he went with his wife to St. Luke’s “for treatment regarding her pregnancy.”
     He says that hospital staff said they would do an epidural – an anesthetic injected into her spine – to stop her pain.
     “None of the defendants told plaintiff Brandon Henderson exactly what was going to happen,” he says in the lawsuit.
     It continues: “None of the defendants told Brandon Henderson that they wanted him to hug his wife while an anesthesiologist inserted a large needle into Brooke Henderson’s spine.
     “On that same date and time, the nurse and doctor administered an epidural to block Brooke Henderson’s pain, all within a few inches of Brandon Henderson’s face. No one warned Brandon Henderson that this procedure would take place.”
     Henderson says that upon seeing the doctor and nurse “administering the epidural within inches of (his) face,” he passed out and cracked his skull.
     He seeks damages for negligence, lost wages, medical care and pain and suffering.
     He is represented by Joseph Backer, of Independence, Mo.

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