Nevada Stifles Initiatives, To Benefit|Of Industry Groups, Citizens Say

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – Nevada makes it too easy to disqualify citizens’ initiative petitions by requiring that they cover only one subject, claims a group that tried to file such a petition to stop employers from stealing tips. The group claims that all 12 initiative petitions filed this election cycle were challenged successfully by powerful industry groups that then demand legal fees. The plaintiffs say this unconstitutionally chills speech.

     Plaintiffs, the PEST Committee, say Wynn Resorts and the Nevada Restaurant Association beat back their initiative, just another example of “powerful special interest groups who can afford to wage a perpetual expensive legal fight” against citizens’ groups, whom they then dun for the legal bills.
     Plaintiffs say industry groups can successfully challenge virtually any initiative as covering more than one subject. They want Nevada Revised Statutes 295.009 and 295.061 declared unconstitutional and enjoined. They are represented in Federal Court by Kermitt Waters.

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