Neighbor Says Justin Bieber Spit in His Face

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Justin Bieber egged his next-door neighbor’s house in Calabasas, doing $80,000 in damage, after threatening to “f—ing kill” him, and spit in his face, the man claimed Thursday in Superior Court.
     Jeffrey Schwartz and his wife sued Bieber and Does 1-50, for assault and battery, trespass, and emotional distress.
     Schwartz, who is 5-foot-7 and 140 lbs., says he bought his house in a “family friendly gated community that frequently has children playing in the street” in 2003. He says Bieber bought the house next door in 2012.
     In his claim for assault and battery, Schwartz says that at around 9 a.m. on March 27, 2013, he saw Bieber race his blue Ferrari past his house “at a dangerous rate of speed,” then back into Bieber’s driveway, and saw the pop singer emerge.
     Schwartz says he calmly and politely asked Bieber to slow down, for the sake of the children. He says he identified himself as “Jeffrey Schwartz, your next-door neighbor,” to Bieber and his two bodyguards, who told him to get out of Bieber’s driveway. Schwartz says he complied at once, which did not stop Bieber from threatening to “f—ing kill” him.
     Schwartz claims that as he stood in the street, Bieber’s two bodyguards held the pop star back, while he repeated his death threats, and then “without provocation, justification or reason and while surrounded by his two bodyguards, Mr. Bieber intentionally and maliciously spit in the face of Mr. Schwartz.”
     He says that the bodyguards then escorted Bieber into his own house, after which a third bodyguard came over to apologize “for Mr. Bieber’s spitting.”
     Schwartz claims that Bieber threw loud parties, from which the smell of marijuana “frequently” emanated.
     He claims that this violated the codes, covenants and restrictions of the gated community. Schwartz says that until Bieber moved in, he had never filed a complaint with the HOA about codes, covenants and restrictions.
     After this “offensive, indecent and despicable act and attack,” Schwartz says, he and his family were harassed, intimidated and threatened for nine months, by Bieber and “his employees, agents and associates.” Bieber’s “fans and followers” also posted “threats of all kinds” on the Internet, causing the Schwartzes “continued fear, anxiety and the loss of the peaceful enjoyment of their home and property.”
     Schwartz claims that Bieber also “continued to dangerously race his cars around the neighborhood,” endangering the children.
     On or after Memorial Day 2013, Schwartz says, he asked Bieber again to stop racing his Ferrari around the neighborhood, after which one of Bieber’s bodyguards asked him, “What are you going to do about it, Jew boy?”
     On Jan. 9, 2104, Schwartz says, “Bieber trespassed onto the Schwartz property and threw dozens of eggs at plaintiffs’ home and property, causing plaintiffs to fear for their safety and inflicting upon plaintiffs’ property significant damage that would later be estimated to be in excess of $80,000.”
     Schwartz says he captured some of this “unprovoked attack” on video. He says he called police, which led to nationwide headlines, and more harassment from “defendants, his fans and the media.”
     Schwartz seeks punitive damages for assault and battery, trespass and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.
     He is represented by Peter McNulty, whose office did not respond to a phone call Thursday afternoon.
     Calabasas, pop. 24,000, in the Santa Monica Mountains northwest of the San Fernando Valley, had a median household income of $112,737 in 2012, more than twice the state average of $58,328, according to The median value of a house or condo there that year was $797,588, more than twice the state average of $349,400. It is 75 percent white, and 4 percent black, according to city-data.

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