NBA’s Derrick Rose to Be Deposed in Rape Case

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Chicago Bulls basketball player Derrick Rose will be deposed next week in Los Angeles as he defends against civil claims that he drugged and gang-raped his ex-girlfriend with two other men.
     Filing anonymously, Rose’s former girlfriend sued him in Los Angeles County Superior Court last year. Her complaint, later transferred to federal court, includes allegations of sexual battery, battery, trespass, conspiracy, gender violence and emotional distress.
     The 27-year-old NBA point guard denies the allegations and, in court papers filed on Wednesday, said his ex-girlfriend filed the lawsuit for “monetary reasons.”
     Identified as “Jane Doe,” the plaintiff filed an ex parte application to delay the trial, which is scheduled for October. Rose and his attorneys are opposed, not least because they want the case tried before the start of the new NBA season in the fall.
     In the June 8 court filing, Rose says he will be deposed in the case next Friday at his law firm’s downtown LA offices.
     “Though plaintiff’s counsel attempts to make it look like the June 17 deposition date was some sort of ‘surprise,’ that June 17 date and location was set with the consent of plaintiff’s counsel, which gave Mr. Rose time to finish up the NBA season in Chicago, and fly to Los Angeles, a more convenient location for the deposition,” the six-page filing states.
     Rose says there is no reason to delay the trial because all depositions, including those of the woman’s parents, will be complete by next week. He also accuses his ex-girlfriend of deliberately stalling to “maximize inconvenience” for Rose by trying to push the trial date to February, during the middle of the NBA season.
     The woman now wants to avoid a trial, Rose says, “because discovery went poorly for the plaintiff.”
     “The target defendant, Mr. Rose, simply wants the case to be finished and forthe trial to go ahead this fall, before the NBA season commences, so that this sham case, which is purely an extortion effort, is put to rest,” the opposition filing states.
     The woman says she began dating Rose five years ago and claims the NBA star, his assistant and best friend Randall Hampton and assistant Ryan Allen raped her in 2013 after spiking her drink with an unknown drug at a Beverly Hills residence where Rose was staying.
     They later assaulted her at her downtown apartment after she had gone home in a cab, she says.
     She did not file a criminal complaint against Rose or the other men, she says, because she felt ashamed, embarrassed and feared retaliation.
     But in Wednesday’s opposition, Rose says that the woman’s lawyers withheld evidence of text messages that show she was the “sexual aggressor and sexual instigator” and says the texts “show her to be intoxicated, having fun, and wanting Mr. Rose to come by her apartment later that same morning for more consensual interaction.”
     Elsewhere in the filing, Rose says deposition testimony shows that his ex-girlfriend showed up for work the day after the incident, was “alert” and was joking about a so-called “sex belt” she had bought “so that her consensual intercourse with Mr. Rose would be more enjoyable for them.”
     Rose also claims that his toxicology expert will demonstrate an absence of evidence that the woman was drugged.
     “In other words, there is no ‘case’ here, just a made up effort by an upset former paramour, who is now pursuing the case for monetary reasons, the simplest of which is that she was upset that she was not reimbursed for the cost of her sex toys and cab fare,” the court filing states.
     Rose is represented by Mark Baute of Baute Crochetiere & Gilford. Brandon Anand of Anand Law represents the plaintiff.

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