NBA Star Says He Was Fleeced For $1 Million

     PHILADELPHIA (CN) – Philadelphia 76er Samuel Dalembert claims six men, including an attorney, took him for more than $1 million by falsely claiming the money would buy him licensing rights in the movie “Speed Racer.” Dalembert says the men had no rights to that movie.

     Dalembert, a native-born Haitian and a Canadian citizen, sued the Art Asylum, a business on Broadway in Manhattan, and four of its employees or agents: Adam Unger, Alan Cohen, Newton Cohen and Joseph Daly. He also sued Philadelphia attorney and accountant Adam Simmens, whom he says also acted as an agent of the Art Asylum; and Theodore Pendergrass of Arden, Del.
     Dalembert is represented in the Court of Common Pleas by Nino Tinari.

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