NASCAR Accused Of Racist, Perverted Acts

     MANHATTAN (CN) – NASCAR’s overwhelmingly white male bosses “actively participated in calculated acts of ugly racist bigotry designed to humiliate and degrade its lone black female official,” and the acts included “perverted and disgusting sexual conduct designed to demean plaintiff and the handful of other women employed by NASCAR as officials,” and NASCAR fired Mauricia Grant for complaining of it, Grant claims in Federal Court.

     Grant names 23 senior directors of NASCAR who allegedly participated in the racist and perverted acts, including David Duke. It is unclear from the complaint whether this is the white supremacist who ran for governor of Louisiana.
     Grant worked for NASCAR from Jan. 1, 2005 until Oct. 29, 2007, when, she says, she was fired illegally. She claims one of NASCAR’s five female officials was fired in 2006 to retaliate for her complaints of the sexually hostile workplace, reducing the number of female NASCAR officials to four.
     Grant claims coworkers subjected her to vicious harassment, in the presence of high-ranking NASCAR execs, who did nothing to discourage it, and did nothing in response to her complaints.
     Grant claims NASCAR officials called her “Nigger,” “bitch,” a “nappy headed ‘ho,” repeatedly referred to the Ku Klux Klan, nicknamed her “Mohammad” and “Al Qaeda,” and, she says, a white official at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama threatened to set dogs on her. White male NASCAR officials also told her, “Let me see your tits,” “Do you wanna see my dick?” and one official exposed himself to her, she says.
     Grant complains that many of the racist and sexist comments were made by NASCAR official David Duke.
     Grant demands tens of millions of dollars in damages. She is represented by Martha McBraver with Morelli Ratner.

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