Nader Was Burdened By Election Laws, Court Says

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Ralph Nader’s presidential campaign was unduly burdened by Arizona’s election laws in 2004, the 9th Circuit ruled.

     Nader and supporter Donald Daien protested the state’s requirements that only residents of Arizona can circulate election petitions.
     Nader also opposed the rule that petitions must be filed 90 days before the primary election. Both rules violated his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights, Nader argued.
     Judge Schroeder agreed, stating that the residency “creates a severe burden on Nader and his out-of-state supporters’ speech, voting and associational rights.”
     In order to get on the ballot, Nader needed to gather signatures from 14,694 registered voters, or 3 percent of the electorate.
     Nader failed to appear on the ballot after two voters successfully challenged his petitions. He withdrew his petitions after voters claimed some of his signatures were forged or circulated by felons.

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