Nader Sues FEC for Tossing His Claim

WASHINGTON (CN) – Ralph Nader claims the Federal Election Commission wrongfully dismissed his claim against the Democratic Party and John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign without conducting “any investigation whatsoever.”

     Nader’s original complaint accused the Democratic Party of organizing a nationwide criminal effort to keep him off the ballot in the 2004 presidential election.
     Nader says the FEC’s dismissal of his claim was arbitrary and violated the Federal Election Campaign Act.
     “The agency failed to serve the administrative complaint on certain respondents for several months, and then relied on its own failure and delay as grounds for dismissal,” Nader claims in his new federal complaint.
     He claims the FEC’s inaction cost him more than $81,000 in the form of a judgment filed against him Pennsylvania, one of the 18 states where he claimed Democrats mobilized a massive legal offensive against him to bleed his campaign of resources.
     “At least 95 lawyers from 53 law firms joined [the Democrats’] litigation,” Nader says.
     Nader says if this dismissal stands he will be responsible for paying the $81,000 in “litigation costs” for the challenge to his candidacy in Pennsylvania.
     He wants the FEC’s dismissal overturned, as a violation of the Federal Election Campaigns Act. He is represented by Oliver Hall.

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