N.D. Court Upholds Dentist’s Suspension

     (CN) – An oral surgeon was properly suspended amid allegations that he improperly touched four female patients, the North Dakota Supreme Court ruled.

     Greg M. Frokjer denied allegations that he touched the breasts of all four patients and the vagina of one.
     The administrative law judge (ALJ) agreed with Frokjer that the evidence did not support the allegations and recommended to the North Dakota Board of Dental Examiners that the case be dismissed.
     However, the board found the testimony of the complaining witnesses to be more credible than the ALJ did. The board suspended Frokjer from practicing dentistry in North Dakota for six months and ordered him to attend continuing education, plus pay any legal costs.
     On appeal, Frokjer argued that the board had a financial interest in ruling against him, because it could force him to pay legal costs and attorney fees.
     The state high court dismissed this claim, saying it implied that a host of professional boards were inherently biased in disciplining their members.
     “The board’s findings of fact are supported by a preponderance of the evidence,” Justice Sandstrom wrote.
     The court upheld the suspension.

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