) On January 5, 2021, Lindell was advertised as the “Founder, My Pillow” and
appeared at the Moms for America “Save the Republic Rally” in Washington,
D.C. and falsely stated:
Here’s what happened on election night. … There were 9 silos of
fraud … The biggest silo was the machines, the Dominion machines.
… Well on the night of the election the Dominion machines, and
there’s these other machines too. They’re very related. … Well on
11:15 on election night, this is when the miracle happened. The
machines — Donald Trump, as he was — they underestimated all
of you, myself, and everybody, the votes he was going to get. And
these votes came in and at that moment in time, these machines the
algorithms broke. … what those machines were set at is like a 1.26
for Biden .74 for Donald Trump so you see that you know if every
time you get a vote you know it was it was the teeter-totter went to
this side. … The fraud was blatant.