Music Publishers Want To Pull Playlist’s Plug

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Major music publishers claim Project Playlist is willfully violating copyright and inducing massive copyright violations by selling an “‘information location tool’ that enables its users easily to ‘find, play and share’ with others the ‘world of music’ available on the Internet,” an Internet business that is “nothing more than an enormous infringement of Plaintiff’s copyrighted sound recordings for Defendant’s commercial gain.”

     Project Playlist, based in Beverly Hills, has been operating since at least December 2006 and claims to have more than 600,000 daily users, more than 9.5 million page views per day, and 235 percent growth in 2007, the record companies say in their federal claim. They claim that Playlist violates copyright on “nearly all” all of the thousands of tunes it makes available.
     Represented by Gary Orseck with Robbins Russell Englert of Washington, D.C., plaintiffs demand punitive damages.

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