Murderer’s Letter Up|for Sale During Appeal

     SAN ANTONIO (CN) — A jailhouse letter written by the ex-Marine convicted of killing “American Sniper” Chris Kyle appeared on an auction site as a Texas court weighs his appeal.
     The handwritten letter by Eddie Ray Routh appeared on the “murderabilia” auction website, with an asking price of $75, the week after his attorney argued that Routh suffers from schizophrenia and deserves a new trial.
     “You can’t send stamps or paper to me in the mail they will never let it happen,” Routh wrote to the unidentified seller in a letter dated March 29, 2016 at 1 am.
     “The pictures were great I’ll get to working on one for you if you can send as many cool older house’s that you can find I like to draw hold House’s [sic] if I had not got locked up probilly be working on remodelin a older house to its former glory [sic].”
     Routh, 28, was sentenced last year to life in prison without parole for murdering Kyle and Chad Littlefield, who tried to help the troubled veteran with a therapeutic outing at an upscale shooting range, where Routh murdered them.
     Routh’s attorney told a three-judge panel of Texas’ Eleventh Court of Appeals during 30 minutes of arguments on June 30 that Routh met the burden of legal insanity at trial, and that his guilty verdict should be overturned.
     “Eddie was insane at the time of the offense,” attorney Warren St. John argued.
     Prosecutors claimed at trial that Routh had a habit of faking his symptoms to bilk the system and knew what he was doing on the afternoon of Feb. 2, 2013 when he fired of 13 shots at the two men, with two pistols, as their backs were toward him.
     Routh closed the letter by talking about the weather, March Madness, and wished the writer well with his job hunt.
     “I understand how hard it is to get a job,” Routh wrote.
     He signed the bottom of the one-page note “Eddie.”
     The auction site said the set includes the letter and “original mailing envelope.”
     Routh is incarcerated at the Louis C. Powledge Unit, a medium-security prison in Palestine, Texas. The appellate court ruling, expected in coming months, can be appealed to the Court of Criminal Appeals, the state’s highest criminal court.
     Kyle is the subject of the hit movie “American Sniper,” based on his autobiography of the same name.
     Navy officials announced over the weekend that an internal investigation confirmed that the former SEAL embellished his medal count in his bestselling book, and corrected what it determined to be “an error.”

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