Motorcycle Helmets

     WASHINGTON (CN) – To thwart sellers of so called “novelty” motorcycle helmets and those who would buy or sell stickers to make them look Department of Transportation certified, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to change the regulations.

     “Novelty” helmets provide no protection from injury, yet misleading labeling may lead buyers to believe they are low-cost, safe alternatives. Also, buyers and sellers of stickers that only say “DOT” have been able to avoid prosecution by stating it stands for “Doing Our Thing.”
     NHTSA plans to change the certification mark to place it beneath the clear coat of the helmet, and include manufacturer’s information and the word “certified”. It also plans to make standards less ambiguous, so manufactures will have less opportunity to get around them.
     Click on the document icon on the front page for details and other new regulations.

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