Mother Accuses Cops of Torture

     PITTSBURGH (CN) – A mother claims the Stowe Township Police Department falsely arrested, beat and tortured her son in retaliation for her complaints to the governor and the FBI of the Stowe police force’s policy of harassment, false arrests, illegal stops, searches and threats.

     Ellen Vratoric claims she wrote letters of complaint in 2004. In retaliation, she said, “On June 6, 2005, Chief Frank Marciw and Officer Pander arrested Brian Vratoric on false charges, took him to the police station and tortured and beat him for approximately 2 to 2½ hrs resulting in concussion and permanent brain damage.”
     She claims the harassment continues, with false stops and threats, and that police have shouted, “Dead man walking!” when they see her son.
     She claims police assaulted her son in his home and broke his arm for no reason in his own home in February.
     The Vratorics are represented in Federal Court by Lois Glanby of McMurray, Pa.

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