More Places Must Report|Greenhouse Gases

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Operators of underground coal mines, industrial wastewater treatment plants, magnesium production facilities and industrial waste landfills must monitor and report on their greenhouse gas emissions under a new regulation issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

     These four new source categories must monitor and report on carbon dioxide equivalent emissions if they discharge 25,000 metric tons CO2-equivalent or more per year in combined emissions from combustion units, miscellaneous uses of carbonate, ferroalloy production, glass production, hydrogen production, iron and steel production, lead production, pulp and paper manufacturing, zinc production, magnesium production, industrial wastewater treatment, and industrial waste landfills.
     The regulation is part of a larger regulatory scheme to establish a greenhouse gas reporting system across all sectors of the economy, under the Clean Air Act.
     Click the document icon for this regulation and others.

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