Money Woes Delay Fast-|Track Patent Processing

     WASHINGTON (CN) – A fast-track patent application review process set to begin on May 4 has been put on hold due to funding limitations, according to the Patent and Trademark Office.

     Though it planned to charge $4,800 for fast-track patent applications, the agency said that it can not afford to hire new patent examiners at this time.
     In addition to charging a fee to complete application reviews within 12 months, the office had also limited the number of applications it would review in an expedited manner to 10,000, in a effort to control the cost of the program.
     In June 2010, the office suggested three tracks for applications: Track I: the expedited option; Track II: the standard processing of applications; and Track III: the deferred track, which would allow applicants to file a patent with the office but would delay examination, and the fees required, for up to 30 months.

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