Moms Say Baby Gender Test Gets Sex Wrong

HACKENSACK, N.J. (CN) – Five mothers say Acu-Gen Biolabs defrauds consumers by claiming its Baby Gender Mentor Test is “infallibly accurate in foretelling the gender of a healthy baby.” All five moms say their babies were the opposite sex from the one the product predicted.

     In their complaint in Bergen County Court, the moms say the drug company and the sites and, which sell the product, advertise a “guarantee that all test results will be 99.9% accurate.” If not, the company policy states that “we will double your money back.”
     Despite this claim, all five of the plaintiffs had incorrect results from the test and all had babies of the opposite sex.
     The moms say they complied with Acu-Gen’s somewhat onerous requirements for a refund, but it refused to pay up. They say Acu-Gen demanded “the baby’s original birth certificate and fingerprints.” One plaintiff say that the company told her she would need to “have the same mailing address” and “submit a blood test from her infant daughter” to get the refund.
     Despite doing all this, the plaintiffs say, they never got their refunds. They say Acu-Gen has given “no response to … e-mails or phone calls” inquiring about the refunds. One mom says she was “accused of not taking the test correctly” and says a customer service rep told her that “you deserve the genetic problems your daughter is having.”
     Several of the moms say they “decorated, bought clothes and nursery items,” believing the promise that the test had accurately predicted the sex of their child.
     Also named as defendants are Dr. C.N. Wang, who allegedly administered the blood tests to the plaintiffs, and Mommy’s Thinkin’ Inc.
     The moms are represented by Barry Gainey with Gainey & McKenna of Paramus.

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