Mom Says School Superintendent Covered|For Teacher Who Had Sex With Student

     DUBLIN, GA. (CN) – A mother claims a high school teacher had sex with her underage son, and that when other teachers reported this to the superintendent, he threatened to fire them and ordered them not to tell police, because the accused teacher is his daughter.

     The mother claims Montgomery County High School teacher Carrie O’Connor had sex with her son, and that O’Connor’s father, Superintendent Dale Clark, threatened to fire any teacher who reported this to police. She claims this threat was documented “at a tape recorded meeting with certain of the teachers”.
     Despite Clark’s threats, the mom says, “O’Connor was finally reported” to the Georgia Public Service Commission and the state Bureau of Investigation, “over the objection of Clark, and she was later indicted on criminal charges in Montgomery County in August of 2007.”
     The mom claims the Public Service Commission suspended the licenses of Clark and O’Connor, but not until after Clark “suspended the teacher who reported O’Connor to the authorities and then suspended the Plaintiff’s minor child from the school. Meanwhile, Clark or O’Connor continued to work” for the school.
     The mother demands punitive damages for assault and battery, negligence, harassment and civil rights violations. She is represented in Federal Court by Kenneth Lester with Cochran, Cherry, Givens of Atlanta.

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