Mom Says Fighting EMTs Delayed Daughter’s Aid

     SAVANNAH, Ga. (CN) — Emergency medical technicians failed to provide timely care to a motor vehicle accident victim, worsening her injuries, because they got into a fight on the way to the hospital, the woman’s mother claims.
     In a complaint filed last week, Shauna Miller says her daughter, Bernice Waller, was walking along Highway 17 in Savannah on Nov. 7, 2014, when she was struck by a passing vehicle.
     Southside Fire/EMS responded to the scene, and Waller was placed into an ambulance to deliver her to the hospital.
     But Miller says, “[w]hile rendering aid to Mrs. Waller, an altercation ensued between two of the employees in the ambulance.”
     The argument between the medics, Miller claims, “caused a delay in proper immediate care” and directly resulted in Waller suffering further physical and emotional injuries.
     She says Southside Fire/EMS thus failed to fulfill its “legal duty to exercise extraordinary care while tending to its passengers” and thus is accountable for its medics’ negligence.
     Waller’s attorney, Ashleigh R. Madison of Southeast Law, LLC, told Courthouse News, “We represent the family of Bernice Waller and unfortunately she was involved in a traumatic accident wherein she received multiple injuries requiring immediate and urgent care from EMS personnel. We feel the delay and the treatment she received at the scene has resulted in permanent and debilitating injuries for which we are seeking to recover.”
     Miller seeks compensation for past and future medical expenses; past, present, and future physical and mental pain and suffering; permanent injuries; and lost wages.
     Representatives of the Southside Communities Fire Protection Inc., which does business as Southside Fire/EMS, could not immediately be reached for comment.

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