Mom Says Chicago Cops Ruined the Wedding

     CHICAGO (CN) – The mother of the bride claims in court that on her daughter’s wedding night, Chicago police barged into the honeymoon suite at the Marriott, harassed guests for drinking champagne, and arrested her on false charges of disorderly conduct.
     Loretta Murphy sued Chicago, police Officers A. Hladczuk, R. Torres and P. Mack, Marriott Hotel Services, and Michael Mader, a Marriott security guard, in Federal Court.
     “On May 28, 2011, Loretta attended her daughter’s wedding,” the complaint states.
     “Loretta’s daughter had contracted with Marriott Downtown Hotel for rental of a honeymoon suite and a hospitality suite.
     “Loretta’s daughter informed Marriott Downtown Hotel that the wedding guests would be arriving at Marriott Downtown Hotel at or around midnight, following the daughter’s wedding reception.
     “Loretta’s daughter also informed Marriott Downtown Hotel that the wedding guests would be bringing alcohol into the hospitality suite and that they would require additional seating in the hospitality suite.”
     In response, “staff employed by Marriott Downtown Hotel brought several cases of beer and additional seating to the hospitality suite,” the complaint states.
     Murphy says she went to sleep at about 2:30 a.m. in a closed bedroom of the hospitality suite.
     “Other invited wedding guests remained in the hospitality suite.
     “Loretta was subsequently awoken by one of the wedding guests telling her that security officers were at the door of the hospitality suite.
     “Loretta came into the main part of the hospitality suite and observed several security officers employed by Marriott Downtown Hotel,” the complaint states.
     “Loretta informed the Marriott Downtown Hotel security officers and the Chicago police officers that it was her daughter’s wedding night and that herself and the other guests in the room were permitted to be in the room.
     “One of the wedding guests continued to drink from a champagne bottle while the Chicago police officers and the Marriott Downtown Hotel security officers were in the hospitality suite.
     “The Chicago police officers became upset and demanded that the guest put the champagne bottle down.
     “Loretta explained to the officers that they were guests in the hospitality suite and that the officers should be respectful of the right to be in the suite.
     “The officers became upset with Loretta’s statement of the guests’ rights to be in the suite celebrating Loretta’s daughter’s wedding.
     “At that time, the Chicago police officers arrested Loretta, restrained her, and defendant Michael Mader signed a criminal complaint against Loretta on behalf of Marriott Downtown Hotel for disorderly conduct.”
     Loretta was taken to the police station and kept handcuffed in a cell for several hours. Criminal charges against her were dropped at the request of the Marriott.
     “The arrest of Loretta was unlawful and in violation of the United States Constitution, the laws of the United States and the laws of the State of Illinois,” Murphy says.
     She seeks damages for false arrest, excessive force, emotional distress, unreasonable seizure, malicious prosecution, conspiracy, assault, battery, and false imprisonment.
     She is represented by Richard Duffin with Duffin & Dore.

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