Missouri Tells Attorney To Knock It Off

     CLAYTON, MO. (CN) – The State of Missouri wants attorney Susan Mello enjoined from continuing her “two year campaign of harassment” of the University City School District. The State says Mello has “deluged” the district “with thousands of faxes and emails, many of which are indecipherable and/or consist of frivolous complaints and/or insulting accusations”.

     “Many of Mello’s communications directed at the District and its employees and officials have been of a frivolous nature alleging de mimimis complaints, such as complaining that the timing of spring break was discriminatory, complaining that the setting of the school calendar was discriminatory, and complaining about not including instruction about ‘Three Flags Day’ in the calendar. In other communications, Mello has directed personal accusations to various District employees or officials, for example, accusing employees of fraud, deception, mendacity, and incompetence. Mello has also accused the District’s counsel of being unfit to practice law. …
     “Mello’s communications have reached the volume of approximately 3,000 emails and faxes such that the communications are materially interfering with the education process and the administrative process in the District,” the state says.
     The state wants Mello to knock it off. It does not indicate what may have set off Mello’s alleged campaign of harassment.

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