Mirage CEO Wants His Vegetable-Fueled Car

      LOS ANGELES (CN) – The CEO of the MGM Mirage in Las Vegas says he paid $10,000 for a “vegetable-fueled” Mercedes, and Green Benz, of Los Angeles, failed to deliver the car or return his money.

     Plaintiff James Murren says he’s an ecologically minded fellow and wanted to “help our environment and ‘go green,'” so he ordered the converted 1981 Mercedes Benz from John Harrison, owner and sole member of Green Benz.
     Murren says Harrison has his $10,000 but has not delivered the car, and admits that he may not be able to deliver it. He says Harrison has been putting him off with misrepresentations since February. Time to deliver, says the CEO.
     Murren is represented in Superior Court by Patricia Glaser.

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