Millionaire for a While,|Now She’s a Jailbird

CARLSBAD, Calif. (CN) – A San Diego County woman who blew $33,000 of her fraudulently acquired millions at Disneyland was given 3½ years in federal prison Tuesday to think about her 6-year scam.
     Susan Polmar, 47, of Carlsbad kited $865 million in checks, from which she skimmed $4.7 million, which she will have to repay, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.
     Carlsbad is a wealthy coastal community north of San Diego.
     For 6 years, prosecutors said, Polmar kited checks by submitting false customer information to a payment processing company, getting advance payment, and covering the debt by creating more fraudulent customer data. She spent $130,000 of the loot fixing up her Carlsbad home and more than $33,000 on trips to Disneyland, according to the U.S. attorney.
     The scam “required near-daily action by Polmar to maintain,” according to the U.S. attorney, and “over the course of her fraud, Polmar’s non-sufficient fund payments (from which she skimmed money for her personal and business use) totaled approximately $865 million.”
     At her sentencing hearing Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Larry Burns “noted that Polmar had many positive qualities, including a supportive family and no criminal record,” but she has a record now. He sent her straight to prison and ordered her to repay $4,655,464 for wire fraud.
     She was found out by the payment processing company she used, in an internal audit.

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