Military Plane Propellers Could Fall Off, Says FAA

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The propellers could fall off of the Lockheed Martin C130-J and Lockheed/Alenia C-27J military airplanes, according to a newly issued Federal Aviation Administration airworthiness directive.
The planes of concern are those with AE 2100D2, AE 2100D2A, AE 2100D3, and AE 2100J turboprop engines experiencing vibration.
     The Rolls-Royce planes may develop a crack near the propeller when a certain propeller gearbox shaft-and-carrier assembly had been installed. If the engine in one of these planes vibrates, the FAA requires that the propeller shaft be inspected for cracks with a borescope before the plane takes off again.
     At the next shop visit for repair or inspection of the gearbox, the shaft-and-carrier assembly must be replaced with one manufactured after June 2005, or with part number 23087076 or 23087077, according to the directive.

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