Microsoft To Commit Mass Patent Violations For Coverage of Olympics, Tech Firm Says

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Microsoft plans mass patent violations to deliver video-on-demand coverage of the Beijing Olympics on MSN, a Massachusetts-based technology company says.

     Gotuit, of Woburn, claims Microsoft’s “Silverlight” software violates its patents on Internet video “metadata” technology.
     Gotuit says its patented technology allows tagging of metadata-enhanced scenes to enable advanced video viewing, search and navigation, all without changing the underlying video file.
     In its federal lawsuit, Gotuit says MSN plans to provide Olympic coverage on, featuring more than 20 simultaneous live video streams at peak times, with 3,000 hours of on-demand content that will include “full-event replays, highlights, features, interviews and encore packages.”
     Using the “Silverlight” technology, metadata markers will be added to Olympics videos, which will be rebroadcast with an index, so viewers can customize their own shows.
     Gotuit wants Microsoft enjoined from using its patented technology, proof that it is abiding the terms of the injunction, attorneys’ fees and treble damages for willful infringement. It is represented by Spencer Hosie with Hosie Rice.

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