Mexican Tire-Defect Case Heads Back to Trial Court

     JACKSON, Tenn. (CN) – The Tennessee Court of Appeals remanded 31 lawsuits against Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire and Ford Motor Co., brought by Mexican citizens who claimed they were injured in car accidents caused by defective tires installed on Ford SUVs.

     The accidents took place in Mexico, but the plaintiffs filed lawsuits in Davidson County Circuit Court in Nashville. The tire maker and Ford moved for dismissal, claiming Mexico offered an alternative forum.
     However, the trial court denied the motion, finding that Mexico was not an available forum based on the outcome of prior litigation. The plaintiffs had already filed suits in Mexico, only to have their claims tossed out by Mexican tribunals.
     Judge Kirby remanded to determine whether the U.S. courts should recognize the Mexican court decisions. The trial court must decide whether the plaintiffs acted in good faith in the Mexican proceedings, and whether those cases were manipulated to achieve dismissal.

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