Mexican Med School Alleges Defamation

     LAREDO (CN) – Med School Group and its CEO, Larry Sands, who run a medical school just over the border in Mexico called Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara, claim former students or teachers are defaming it on the Internet on India, where many of its students come from, hurting its enrollment.

     Sands says he’s been CEO of the Med School “since its inception in 2003.”
     “The students who attend the Med School are typically foreign students,” Sands says. “Some of the students who attend the Med School at times have applied to U.S. medical schools and have been unsuccessful in obtaining admission to the U.S. medical schools.” Some of its students are trying to get medical licenses in India “by attending a medical school in Mexico and completing the licensing requirements in their home state, India.”
     Sands claims that former employees “who were terminated for improper conduct or resigned” are defaming it on the Internet, hurting its enrollment, especially from Indian students. Sands demands punitive damages. He is represented by William Maxwell of Houston.

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