Men Sold Rights To ‘Cadetes De Linares’ Without Owning Them, Suit Claims

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Zacatecas Records and the two Los Angeles men who run it defrauded IMT Records of more than $500,000 by licensing rights to the name and recordings of “Los Cadetes de Linares” without revealing that they did not have full rights to the name, IMT claims in Superior Court.

     International Musical Treasures dba IMT sued Jose Alfredo Guerrero Delecerda and Carlos Guzman dba Zacatecas Records.
     IMT claims it had to pay Zamic Corp. $90,000 and destroy its inventory or recordings to settle Zamic’s trademark lawsuit. IMT claims it has lost more than $500,000 due to defendants’ fraud and breach of the licensing agreement. IMT is represented by Jay Coggan with Coggan & Tarlow

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