Member Is ‘Alarming,’ Water Board Says

     TUCSON (CN) – A water district has sued a board member, claiming her “behavior has become more erratic, alarming, and harassing,” that she has threatened employees, challenged them to fight, “insisted that certain employees give her some of their clothes so she could make scarecrows for them,” and claimed that her husband had “cured a sick tree with hydrocortisone and a Band-Aid.”

     The Metropolitan Domestic Water District Improvement District asks Pima County Court to order Lauretta G. Ovsevitz to cease contacting its employees, except at board meetings.
     The district claims Ovsevitz’s behavior has become increasingly bizarre since she joined the board in January 2007. It claims that rather than sit with the board during meetings, she sits in the audience and votes by standing up and issuing a “thumbs down;” that she demanded that two employees “accompany her to see a horse;” that she told a Metro employee, “Be careful; my husband might get you;” and that she “informed a Metro Water employee that her husband had recently cured a sick tree with hydrocortisone and a Band-Aid.”
     “Several Metro Water employees have reported they believe Defendant is dangerous, they are fearful for their safety7, and they watch Defendant closely to determine whether she is carrying a weapon,” and one claims Ovsevitz told him that “she was looking for a concealed-carry weapons class so she ‘can be legal.'”

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