Medieval Minds

     There’s no better way to understand Sarah Palin than to read Carlo Cipolla’s introduction to his “Economic History of Europe – Volume 1, The Middle Ages.”
     That’s because Palin’s worldview, like George W. Bush’s, is essentially medieval. Medieval society, Cipolla says, was ruled, and its wealth controlled, by two groups, “the clergy and the warlords.”
      “Their respective ideals were to pray and to fight. … But it was inconceivable for members of the two ruling groups to spend their lives in the production of wealth. Wealth had to be produced by the lower orders, the serfs. The ‘betters,’ the clergy and the warlords, had the right to take over all or part of this product while devoting themselves to the noble activities of praying and fighting.” Production was a means. Devotion and gallantry were the ends. Social esteem and reward were given to those who were successful in pursuing the noble ends, not those who were successful in providing the vulgar means.”
     That’s a good explanation of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, too. continued

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