Mean Cops Accused|of Ramming Horse

     BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (CN) – In a lawsuit sure to infuriate horse lovers, a man claims Kentucky state troopers chased him on private property for alleged drunk driving of a horse, “ramming the horse several times,” forcing it to be euthanized.
     Corey Ray Logsdon claims the state troopers broke his leg knocking him off the horse, injured him again by Tasering him three times and beating him so badly, while he was handcuffed, that the jailer refused to accept him.
     All this, he says, came after the owner of the private property had told police “that their services were not needed.”
     Logsdon sued the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its state troopers Daniel White and Graham Rutherford, in Federal Court.
     “On or about May 30, 2012, at or around 10:30 p.m., plaintiff, Corey Ray Logsdon, was riding his horse on private property when defendants Troopers Daniel White and Graham Rutherford gave chase of Mr.Logsdon on his horse because they allegedly suspected that Mr. Logsdon was intoxicated. Troopers White and Rutherford did not witness the alleged alcohol intoxication prior to the chase, but was informed of such by another person.”
     The bizarre complaint continues: “Upon arrival at 4400 Lagrande Road, Hart County, Hardyville, Kentucky, Troopers White and Rutherford were told by the owner not to go on the property and their services were not needed. Nevertheless Trooper White ordered the plaintiff to get off his horse. At this point the most Logsdon could have been charged with was alcohol intoxication on a non-moving vehicle, if in fact a horse is a vehicle, which would have been a violation under Kentucky law carrying a penalty of $100. When Mr. Logsdon responded that he did not know the nature the allegations, and respectfully informed Trooper White that he had done nothing wrong, Troopers White and Rutherford commenced a chase and proceeded to enter a field, lock the entrance gate behind them, and chase Logsdon on his horse around a field, (Rutherford on foot and White in his cruiser) ramming the horse several times, shouting on a loud speaker and flashing a high lumen spotlight. Ultimately Troopers White and Rutherford cornered the horse and plaintiff, rammed and knocked the horse well into an interior gate, thus permanently injuring the horse and knocking Logsdon to the ground thus breaking his leg above the ankle.
     “Scared and now severely injured, Logsdon attempted to gain safety in a dwelling. Trooper White then discharged the first of three (3) Tasers, causing Mr. Logsdon to fall to the ground, resulting in further physical injury. Thereafter Trooper Rutherford caught up from the field and assisted White, witnessing the second and third Tasers and a beating administered by Trooper White. The beating consisted of smashes to the face of Logsdon while he was handcuffed behind his back. Mr. Logsdon was then arrested by Troopers White and Rutherford and taken to the Hart County Jail. Because of his injuries the Hart County Jailer refused to accept Logsdon until he was taken to a doctor. Injured and bloody Logsdon refused medical treatment and upon return to the jail he was again (still handcuffed) beaten by Trooper White.
     “Mr. Logsdon suffered injuries to his head, face, teeth, lips, and a broken leg as a result of the actions of Troopers White and Rutherford. Trooper Rutherford failed to intercede to prevent the senseless ramming of Logsdon’s horse and beating of Logsdon.
     “Some months later the horse, a two-year old paint with some Tennessee walking horse blood, went down, could not get up, was not eating and had to put down.”
     Logsdon seeks punitive damages for civil rights violations, illegal arrest and detention, excessive force, assault and battery, negligence and gross negligence.
     He is represented by Harley Blankenship, of Louisville.

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