McCourt Testifies About Ownership of Dodgers, Grilled by David Boies

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Frank McCourt testified Thursday in the divorce trial to decide who owns the Los Angeles Dodgers. Grilled by nationally prominent lawyer David Boies, McCourt was able to remember very little but he was adamant about one thing: that he owns the Dodgers.

     Boies who represents McCourt’s wife Jamie, questioned McCourt for the entire court day about a marital property agreement.
     He questioned him whether he received the documents from his former attorney Lawrence Silverstein before a meeting at Vero Beach in Florida with Silverstein and Jamie. McCourt said he does not remember.
      “So you signed the document without reading it?” Boies asked.
     “Yes that’s correct,” Frank answered.
      The document Boies repeatedly referred is the document that allegedly mistakenly excluded the Dodgers from McCourt’s assets. Realizing the mistake, McCourt said he asked his estate planning lawyer to fix the agreement so the personal assets would go to Jamie McCourt and the rest to him.
     Frank agreed when Boies asked him whether the purpose of the marital property agreement was to preserve his and her separate property.
     After Boies demonstrated that the Dodgers were worth about $400 million, McCourt said he did not know that his wife was giving up more assets than he was.
Frank corrected Boies when Boies suggested that the homes under Jamie’s name were worth $50 million.
     “It’s 1.5 times that; something like that,” Frank said.
     “Did you make any effort to let Jamie know that you were going to receive a larger portion of the assets if you two were to divorce?” Boies asked.
     Frank answered that he did not.
     As the questioning continued, Boies showed McCourt the Dodgers publicity campaign during the off-season of 2004-2005, which McCourt did not recognize.
     “Mrs. McCourt executed that,” he said.
     Boies pointed out that on a Comerica loan application document, both Frank and Jamie McCourt were listed as co-owners of Dodgers.
     “Jamie was an active participant who worked hard to make the transactions come through?” Boies asked.
     “Yes sir,” Frank answered.

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