Maywood Cops Ordered to Clean Up

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A court order demands that the Maywood City Council reform its police department’s long history of abuse of power. The Superior Court found that Maywood cops had “a pattern or practice of violating the civil rights of persons present within its jurisdiction.”

     The abuses were documented in an April report that followed a 16-month investigation. It revealed “years of widespread abuse and gross misconduct” by the Maywood cops, who worked under little or no oversight.
     The report found lack of accountability, inexperienced and untrained officers, and civilian complaints ignored.
     The order calls for a change in the department’s “us versus them” attitude to a community-oriented philosophy.
     Attorney General Gerry Brown says the city must bring its department into conformity with “contemporary policing.”
     Reform will require that the city change its hiring and training practices, have more effective oversight, stop using excessive force, hold officers accountable, and allow citizens to make complaints. If the city fails to comply with the terms of agreement, Brown said, he will seek contempt charges.

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