Mayor’s Victims|Can’t Sue City

     NEW YORK (CN) – Two child sexual assault victims cannot hold the City of Waterbury, Conn., liable for the actions of its former mayor, the 2nd Circuit ruled.

     Prostitute Giutana Jones offered sexual favors to Philip Giordano when he was mayor of Waterbury. When he asked to be introduced to younger women, she offered her 10-year old niece (Sarah Roe) and her 8-year-old daughter (Jane Doe).
     Giordano used city phones to call Jones to arrange the meetings, which took place in his home, the mayor’s office and a police cruiser.
     Judge Miner agreed with the trial court that Giordano was not acting in his official policymaker capacity when he abused the plaintiffs.
     In order to succeed with their suit, “the plaintiffs must demonstrate that, through its deliberate conduct, the municipality was the ‘moving force'” behind the alleged injury.

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