Mass. High Court Affirms Attorney’s Disbarment

     (CN) – The Massachusetts Supreme Court affirmed the disbarment of an attorney based on his misconduct in the District of Columbia.

     Peter Paul Mitrano had a client in Washington, D.C., who received a substantial check. Instead of informing the client, Mitrano had the check signed by an unauthorized person. He then deposited the money into his personal bank account and used it to “pay his personal obligations,” according to the ruling.
     The commonwealth’s high court determined that Mitrano’s actions, which led to his disbarment in the District of Columbia, deserved a similar result in Massachusetts.
     The justices also noted that Mitrano knew that the amount of the check exceeded any fees to which he was entitled.
     “Because Mitrano received a fair hearing in the District of Columbia, and the findings are supported by sufficient evidence,” the justices wrote, “the District of Columbia’s judgment of disbarment constitutes conclusive evidence of Mitrano’s misconduct.”

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