Marriott Guest Says Rats Swarmed on Her

     WASHINGTON (CN) – A woman says she was attacked by a swarm of rats while she slept in the Marriott-owned and -operated Renaissance M Street Hotel. Her Superior Court complaint includes a horrifying account of awakening to find rats on and under her blanket, in her pajamas and tangled in her hair.

     At around midnight, Carol Zamfir says, she “awakened to discover to her horror that she was amidst a swarm of rats. They were on her blanket, under her blanket, under her pajamas and tangled in her hair. As plaintiff struggled to escape the swarm, the rats bit and scratcher her on [her] face, torso, arms and legs.”
     Zamfir says she became “very ill,” and went to an urgent care clinic, where a doctor noted “Multiple puncture sites on face, neck, extremities and torso.” She also had to be treated for infectious disease.
     She suffered bites to her face, neck, torso and extremities, and was treated for infectious diseases associated with rat bites. She is suing the hotel giant for $11 million, citing numerous physical and mental injuries.
     She demands $10 million for pain and suffering and $1 million for loss of consortium. She is represented by Jack Maginnis.

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