Marlins Fan Says Mascot Real Pain in Neck

     (CN) – A Miami Marlins fan claims in a lawsuit that she was roughed up and bitten by the team’s mascot during a game.
     In a complaint filed in Miami-Dade County, plaintiff Beth Fedornak says that she was injured during her visit to the Marlins Park stadium.
     Fedornak claims in her June 12 filing that the Miami Marlins organization was responsible for all promotional and entertainment activities presented during games at its stadium, including the direction of employees who dress up as aquatic animals.
     One of the Marlins’ mascots large blue shark with an oversize head, and the employee portraying him runs across the field interacting with the crowd, Fedornak says.
     She claims that on the evening of June 29, 2013, she was seated approximately three rows from the field during the Marlins’ game against the San Diego Padres, and that during a break in the action, the shark mascot “pretended to bite her on the head.”
     “Unfortunately, Beth Fedornak felt immediate pain in her neck after the impact of the shark head down on the top of her skull,” the complaint says.
     Fedornak alleges that after the incident she immediately approached the Marlins Park’s staff, and told them that she was in severe pain.
     According to plaintiff she suffered injuries in her neck, back and extremities.
     She is seeking compensatory damages on claims of negligence and battery.
     Fedornak is represented by Carl E. Reynolds from Carl Reynolds Law in Bradenton, Fla.
     The Miami Marlins organization did not respond to a request for comment on the pending lawsuit.

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