Marketers Say Naomi Campbell Owes Them

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Naomi Campbell has stopped paying the commissions she owes the company that helped launch her fragrance line in 2001, MoodForm Mission claims New York County Court. MoodForm Mission says the fiery fashionista also repudiated the contract under which she owes it a percentage of the “millions and millions of dollars” she’s made from “the sale of fragrance and cosmetics products conceptualized, created, developed, and marketed with [MoodForm’s] assistance.”

     MoodForm Mission is a joint venture of Premier Mission, a London-based model management firm; and MoodForm Corp., a Florida-based fragrance developer and producer.
     Campbell paid MoodForm from 2001 until 2008 as required by contract, but has not made a payment since December 2008, according to the complaint.
     MoodForm says it helped create “five Naomi Campbell fragrance … lines,” which are sold under titillating titles such as “Cat Deluxe,” “Cat Deluxe with Kisses,” and “Seductive Elixir.”
     MoodForm wants its back payments, and damages for breach of contract, repudiation of contract. It is represented by Daniel Bright with Schwartz, Lichten, & Bright.

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