Man Wants Paperwork on 1840 Colt Revolver

(CN) – A man sued trading and transport companies, demanding title and other paperwork for a Colt revolver made around 1840, for which he paid “approximately $500,000.” John Amicucci says he bought the Colt Belt Model Paterson revolver, Serial No. 549, and paid to have it shipped from Europe to the United States.

     Amicucci sued American Lamprecht Transport and subsidiaries, and Antiques and Arts Trading Consultants in New York County Court. He apparently received the gun, but not the paperwork to give him clear title and “a lineage of provenance commensurate with the historical importance of the Patterson 549.”
     He wants the documents. He is represented by Walter Ciacci of The Bronx.
     Samuel Colt patented the first repeat-shot revolver in 1836. It was called a Colt Paterson because it was made in Paterson, N.J.
     The first guns were 5-shot, .28 caliber weapons; .36 caliber guns were made in the second production year.
     The first guns had to be partially disassembled to be reloaded. Colt fixed this for the 1839 models, and retrofitted some of the earlier weapons. And in an interesting early safety feature, the trigger of the Colt Paterson emerged from the gun only when the hammer was cocked.

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