Man Used & Abused Kickstarter, State Says

     INDIANAPOLIS (CN) – After raising $10,000 on Kickstarter, a Hoosier took more than $50,000 in orders for custom-designed playing cards, but didn’t deliver a one of them, Indiana’s attorney general claims in a lawsuit against the man, but not against Kickstarter.
     Indiana sued Russell Kercheval, of Indianapolis, individually and dba Circle Card Company, in Marion County Court.
     The website allows entrepreneurs to seek for pledges to back their business, or invention, or idea. If the Kickstarter goal is not achieved, pledgers’ credit cards are not charged.
     Kercheval created a “Quicksilver Playing Cards Deck” on Kickstarter in August 2012, and met his $10,000 goal, the state claims in the lawsuit. He promised pledgers they would get a custom-designed set of playing cards or dice.
     But the attorney general says Kercheval collected $50,871 in orders and never delivered the product.
     The state claims Kercheval intentionally violated the Deceptive Consumer Sales Act. It seeks restitution, penalties and an injunction.

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