Man Sues Ted Kennedy for Accident

     BOSTON (CN) – A year before he died, Senator Ted Kennedy rear-ended a man while driving a Massachusetts state car, and Chester Veloz demands $2,000 for medical bills and damages for pain and suffering, in Suffolk County Court. Veloz claims the senator injured him and damaged his car in the Aug. 20, 2008 accident. Kennedy died 1 year and 5 days later.

     Veloz, of Dorchester, sued Kennedy and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He says he presented a claim to the state within 2 years of the accident, and the state never responded.
     Veloz sued Kennedy and the state for negligence, and demands damages for medical bills, lost wages, and damage to his car.
     He claims Kennedy was driving a state car and was on state business when the senator rear-ended him.
     Veloz is represented by Amy Bratskeir with the Law Office of Christopher Hug.

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