Man Strikes Out With Little League Lawsuit

     (CN) – An Illinois father failed to prove that he was defamed by statements that he should not be selected as a Little League coach because of his allegedly unacceptable behavior, the state Supreme Court ruled.

     Clarendon Hills Little League president Steven Rogers emailed John Green, a dentist and licensed attorney, with the news that he would not be selected as a coach due to his “long pattern of behavior which is not consistent with what we feel is acceptable for our coaches.”
     Rogers offered Green the opportunity to help as a volunteer, “just like 75 percent of the dads are.”
     The trial court dismissed Green’s claims for defamation and civil conspiracy, but the Illinois Court of Appeals allowed the defamation per se claim to continue.
     The Illinois Supreme Court agreed to hear the case.
     Green claimed that Rogers had publicly stated that Green “abused players, coaches, and umpires” and “exhibited a long pattern of misconduct with children which was not acceptable for CHLL coaches.”
     Justice Thomas ruled that Green could not win his case, because his claims weren’t detailed enough.
     “On their face, these allegations do not set forth a precise and particular account of the statements that defendant allegedly made,” Thomas wrote. “Rather, they set forth only a summary of the type of statements that plaintiff may or may not have a reason to believe defendant made.”
The justices dismissed Green’s defamation claim.

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