Man Says Tow Truck Driver Dragged Him

     DALLAS (CN) – A tow truck dragged a man who hung onto the door of his towed car, and the man eventually lost his grip and suffered multiple injuries, he claims in Dallas County Court.
     Bryan Cooper, of Dallas, sued Cedar Hill-based Choice Towing over the September 2010 incident.
     Cooper claims he ran out of his apartment near U.S. Route 67 when his girlfriend informed him of the towing.
     The tow truck had yet to hook up his car, Cooper said, so he sat on top of it and waved his hands, telling the tow truck driver he would move his car.
     “At some point the plaintiff attempted to sit in his vehicle, however, at that point the vehicle was attached to the tow truck and the defendant’s employee began to drive off with the plaintiff’s vehicle while Mr. Cooper was hanging onto the door,” the complaint states.
     “The plaintiff was dragged for some distance while holding onto the door of his motor vehicle and fearing for his life.”
     Cooper said he lost his grip, fell to the street and suffered “multiple injuries.” He said the tow truck driver should have stopped trying to tow his car when he arrived.
     Cooper seeks exemplary damages for negligence. He is represented by Joseph Morrison with Morrison Sanchez in Dallas.

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