Man Says Supplements Shrank His Testicles

NEWARK (CN) – Dietary supplements touted for health and vitality did just the opposite, a man claims in court: They rendered him impotent, gave him breasts and ruined his marriage.

James Crosby filed a federal complaint Wednesday in New Jersey against New York-based Cenegentics Elite Health, claiming it left him in dire straits after promising to make him healthier.

Crosby says he signed on in 2015 for medical treatment through Cenegentics that included hormone-replacement therapy and nutritional supplements to alter his hormone levels.

He says he paid $2,500 for the treatment, which Cenegentics promised would improve his health, vitality, strength, sex drive and weight, among other things.

But after eight months of treatment that included nutritional supplements, he says he “sustained severe side effects such as rapid hair loss, testicular shrinkage, breast swelling, impotence and a bloated stomach as a result of consuming Cenegentics’ products.”

Crosby says his new and ruined self destroyed his marriage because his wife “lost interest” in him.

He says he “resorted to having to join Hair Club in an attempt to regrow his hair,” as he wore long braids before starting the treatment and lost most of it six months in.

Despite the conditions, there are no drugs or supplements specifically named in the complaint. An inquiry to Cenegentics about the lawsuit was not answered.

Crosby seeks punitive damages for negligence, pain and suffering and violations of New Jersey’s consumer fraud and Food and Drug Act.  He is represented by Christopher Roberts of East Orange.

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