Man Says Maher’s Satire ‘Religulous’ Defamed Him

     ORLANDO (CN) – A man who appeared in Bill Maher’s satiric documentary “Religulous” claims he did not give Lionsgate Entertainment permission to use him in the movie. Jeremiah Cummings, founder of the Amazing Life World Outreach, sued pro se in Federal Court.

     Cummings claims his character was distorted and wrongfully portrayed in the movie.
     Cummings says he was approached by One World Productions and asked to appear in a PBS documentary about his faith and conversion, to be called “A Spiritual Journey.”
     Cummings claims he was never aware that footage from his interview would be used in “Religulous” or that he would be mocked in it.
     He claims Maher and director Larry Charles acknowledged on CNN that they tricked the people they interviewed for the movie to get their consent.
     Cummings seeks $50 million, alleging defamation, racial profiling and fraud. He says he has lost wages and speaking engagements because of his portrayal in the film.

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