Man Says Insurer Snooped on Wrong Guy

     PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) – Prudential Insurance cut off a man’s disability benefits after watching a surveillance tape of someone else, the man claims in Multnomah County Court. He says Prudential refused to pay benefits even after the investigator it hired admitted he had filmed the wrong man.

     Kevin Roth was a production supervisor for AG Formulators before his liver failed and he needed a transplant. He suffered anemia and jaundice from liver failure and scoliosis, osteoporosis and degenerative disc disease as side effects of immunosuppressant drugs.
     In 2003, Prudential approved Roth’s application for long-term disability benefits, he says.
     Prudential paid him $2,717 per month, for a while. But Roth says Prudential and codefendant Ag Formulators Long Term Disability Plan decided to terminate his benefits in 2007. Roth appealed.
     In 2008, Roth says, Prudential hired MJM Investigations to snoop on him and film him surreptitiously, but Roth says MJM filmed the wrong guy.
     He claims MTM admitted to Prudential that it had filmed the wrong man, but Prudential refused to reconsider its termination of benefits anyway.
     Roth wants his benefits reinstates his benefits, plus the payments missed. He is represented by Megan Glor and Robyn Stein.

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