Man Says His Therapist Stalked Him

     NEWTON, N.J. (CN) – A married man claims his licensed professional counselor, a woman, got him liquored up, dressed him up as a woman in a wig and lipstick and sodomized him, then stalked him in defiance of his demands to leave him alone.

     The man claims defendant Dawn C. Stillwagon-Ahlers, of Newton, abused and harassed him while he was her patient and in fragile condition. He says he hired her to perform “cognitive behavior therapy” to treat his panic attacks. Much to his surprise, he says, shortly after he became her patient she “began to, among other things, sexually harass, sexually assault, batter and stalk plaintiff.”
     He says the harassment and stalking continued after he stopped seeing her. He also says she gave him alcohol though she knew he was taking anti-depressants and has diabetes.
     He says that in April Stillwagon-Ahlers surrendered her license for two years, after the state Board of marriage and Family Therapy Examiners brought her up on charges of misconduct related his case.
     He demands punitive damages. He is represented in Sussex County Court by Shelley Stangler of Springfield, N.J.

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