Man Says Exxon Exec Threatened His Life

BEAUMONT, Texas (CN) – A businessman claims that after an ExxonMobil “vice principal” stood him up twice for a meeting, and the businessman expressed his “genuine dismay” in an email, the Exxon executive replied “not in apologetic terms, but seething anger using vulgarity and even threats of death.”

     Lindell Peterson seeks punitive damages from ExxonMobil and its “vice principal” Randy Hudson, for “terroristic threats” and their “odious, anti-social, abominable and wrongful ways”.
     Peterson claims he called Hudson about contract work for ExxonMobil at its Beaumont facilities, and Hudson agreed to have lunch with him. Peterson claims that “Hudson without explanation, notice or apology failed to appear or even call.” Peterson says he and his associates waited for Hudson for two hours.
     “This was the second time that Randy A. Hudson had scheduled a business lunch and ‘no-showed’ without notification or apology,” Peterson says Ii his complaint in Jefferson County Court.
      “The next day plaintiff Lindell Scottie Peterson wrote an email to defendant Hudson and stated his genuine dismay for being so rudely treated once again,” he says.
     The complaint continues: “After receiving this email, ExxonMobil and its vice principal Randy A. Hudson wrote back not in apologetic terms, but seething anger using vulgarity and even threats of death worse than the cancer the plaintiff suffers with. “Additionally, the defendants acted to ‘blackball’ and banish plaintiff and anyone associated with plaintiff permanently from ExxonMobil facilities and premises without limitation.”
     Peterson’s attorney, Gilbert Adams, did not return calls seeking comment.
     Peterson seeks punitive damages for terroristic threat, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence.
     “The violent and death knell proclamations of violence by defendants go beyond all manner of human decency, and violate laws and rights guaranteed by the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Texas,” Peterson says.

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