Man Says Cops Tortured Him With Taser

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (CN) – Amnesty International reports that Taser stun guns have killed more than 350 people in the United States. But an inmate here claims that Hamblen County jailers used a Taser to “revive” him after beating him senseless – and then used the Taser to torture him.

     Brandon Gulley claims his jailers jumped on his ribcage, slammed his head into a cage door and stuck his head in a toilet, then Tasered to revive him, twice, and then tortured him with it.
     In his complaint Gulley says the Hamblen County jailers entered his cell because he was “threatening an assault.”
     “After the plaintiff was restrained and no longer of any threat to anyone, including the jailers, the defendants beat the plaintiff unconscious while he was on the floor. While the plaintiff was unconscious, one of the defendants jumped on the plaintiff’s ribcage, causing injury. The defendants then Tasered the plaintiff in order to bring him back to consciousness. After the plaintiff was awake, the defendants continued to Taser the plaintiff in order to torture him. [Defendant sheriff’s Officer] Matt Webb then picked the plaintiff up and slammed him into the cage door and placed his head in the toilet. The plaintiff was beaten unconscious at least two times. Each time the defendants used a Taser to wake him up.”
     Before taking him to a hospital emergency room, Gulley says, “Webb punched the plaintiff in the head and said, ‘One for the road.'”
     Gulley says the defendants threatened “that if he told anyone they would kill him.”
     His complaint continues: “After returning to the jail plaintiff was placed in isolation and was not allowed to clean up blood or excrement from his person. He was left there for what he believes was several days. He was not given new bandages for almost two days,” the lawsuit claims.
     Gulley sued Matt Webb, Jason Murphy, Bobby Thorpe, one John Doe, and Hamblen County.
     He is represented by Jeffrey Greene of Newport, Tenn., and Scott Justice of Jefferson City, Tenn.

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